DAO Fund

DAO Wallet Address

DAO: 0xE2853423e323B046541836Ff6c4fcb3cE68ac5dD
The DAO fund is a Treasury of sorts for the LOOT Finance project, another line of defense to support the peg. It is managed for now by the core team and its primary purpose is to initiate buybacks to support LOOTDOLLAR regaining a price of 1 $CRO if it is trading below.
The DAO fund will eventually move to the governance model where users get to decide on spending of funds, but for now it is initiated purely at the discreiton of the core team. Secondary functions of the fund include anything related to the project, such as deploying finances for marketing, development etc, with the caveat remaining that its PRIMARY purpose is to support the peg.
The fund may invest in safe projects at the discretion of the team with the pure intention of growing the funds. It will hold stables, $CRO and other "Blue Chip" tokens if neccessary at the time.
Transactions made by the DAO can be found by searching the wallet above on CronoScan.