Is this v2 of LOOT coin? Why isn't LOOT, or LOOTers NFT mentioned?

Looters NFTs are a specific NFT that provide benefits with regards to, our NFT launchpad. We opted to choose LNC NFTs for the 24 hour Genesis to provide utility to them, and their holders. This does not immediately exclude LOOT coin from ever being used again. We will incorporate LOOT into Loot Finance, with announcements to come after the project is launched properly. This does also not immediately suggest that any other part of the ecosystem has been cancelled or is not to be worked on again. Loot Finance is simply an addition to the current ecosystem.

I still don't get it. What am I staking and where? When? Help!

The following is not to be construed as financial advice, but are merely options and their relevance to the platform at certain times.
The most important part of the whole ecosystem is obviously the LOOTDOLLAR. You can provide liquidity in the Port and enjoy high APYs while helping the protocol. There are two pools that run for six months, LOOTDOLLAR-CRO and TREASURE-CRO. The most important one for the protocol is the LOOTDOLLAR pool as it needs deep liquidity, but please feel free to provide to either. TREASURE needs liquidity to be tradable also!
Below are several strategies that platform participants can use:
  1. 1.
    When LOOTDOLLAR is over 1.01, stake Treasure in Cabin to receive LOOTDOLLAR rewards
  2. 2.
    When LOOTDOLLAR is below 1, exchange LOOTDOLLARS for GOLD in the Deck. When TWAP has returned above 1.1, redeem GOLD for a premium on what you paid, in LOOTDOLLARS.
  3. 3.
    Provide LOOTDOLLAR-CRO liquidity in the PORT.
  4. 4.
    Provide TREASURE-CRO liquidity in the PORT.
Selling LOOTDOLLAR for Treasure, especially under peg, is the worst move for the health of the protocol.

I staked in the Cabin but am not receiving Lootdollar rewards. Why?

The Cabin only emits rewards when the TWAP of LOOTDOLLAR is over 1.01. Once LOOTDOLLAR returns above peg, the Cabin will resume distributing rewards to those who stake TREASURE.

What's better, the Port or the Cabin?

The cabin may have a higher APY at times than the Port. But the Port emits rewards 24/7 whereas the Cabin emits rewards during expansion. Additionally, the LOOTDOLLAR-CRO pool should be relatively stable, as it aims to peg to 1 CRO.

What happens when Treasure emissions stop after six months?

Please stay tuned for this one. Only one protocol so far (Tomb) appears to be approaching the end of the emissions schedule and are tight lipped about how they will tackle this, as are we. We have plans in the works for this, but unfortunately will only reveal closer to the time.